Sport used as a platform to enhance a brand’s footprint in the market offers a unique way to set your brand apart. With tried and tested techniques, the sports marketing campaign delivers results, especially in a growing market such as the Middle East.
With opportunities such as athlete endorsements, in-store activations, on-site product trial, handheld mobile competitions, and digitally-led campaigns our clients and partners have benefitted from effective market penetration focused on return on investment.
The talent pool in the region continues to grow, with an increase in individuals who have the potential to succeed on the international level. With the continual improvement of infrastructure, government support, and world-class competition, this region is set up to breed its own generation of stars. We’re here to nurturing such talent, and supporting its growth.
We manage our clients needs ranging from press engagements, personal-brand management, contract negotiations, and endorsements. We also access and represent internationally - based talent through our global network.
The newest of our ventures, our live events will seek to meet the desires and dreams of our growing nation with the highest level of consumer engagement at events by increasing corporate hospitality opportunities, driving entertainment value, maximizing venue capability, and developing integration with the digital environment
With an annual sports-event concept in development for November 2019, our aim is to expand on what is already a world-class offering of events here in the U.A.E.