Jimmy Poon
Founder, Boqin 
An entrepreneur and specialist in marketing strategy, media, sponsorship, and event management with more than 19 years experience. Strategically involved in TV & Radio station launch initiatives, live events & broadway shows, along with national newspaper launches for major media houses in The Middle East. Pursued life-long passion of establishing Boqin, a business anchored by the proposition that each individual is Chosen by our life’s true passion.
Alex Cordier

Live Events, Boqin 

More than 16 years experience in the event management, marketing and communications industry working with a multitude of brands across diverse industry sectors. Versatile, conceptual, and strategic with 
a strong background in directing personnel, and collaborating with the client team managing projects from concept to completion. A dedicated team player, with a commitment to high quality creative work that is on-time, on-budget, and above expectations.